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Calling out FIP Fighters Sellers & Admins

Updated: Jan 18

We prefer to report happy news of cats being saved from Feline Infectious Peritonitis (FIP). But in recent weeks several cat owners have shared screenshots of some scandalous messages that they've read on FIP Fighters forum on Facebook. Here are just a few examples.

So I am personally calling out Yasser Seif, Alexander Lucard to have some decency. We know you are sellers of competing brands on the forum. FIP Fighters forum is all yours. We don't engage with cat owners on it at all. So there is no need to smear our name in order to make a sale. If cat owners choose your GS, great. We hope it will save their cats. If they choose ours, we will do our utmost to help these cats.

We have been helping cat owners since 2019. We have countless videos and photos of saved cats from around the world, not to mention clinical tests we have undertaken and treatment donations we have made to shelters around the world. What proof do you have to call us scammers? To say that many cats have died under our treatment, how many? Who were they? How many cats have died using your brands?

We regularly test our GS to ensure they are of the proper concentration and purity. Here is a sample of our report. Do you do this for your brands?

We request that FIP Fighters owners to manage your admin sellers' behaviours and to keep the communication decent. We have never talked bad about the brands on your forum. We ask that you extend the same courtesy to us.

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