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We are flattered, but please stop!

Updated: Jan 18

Workdays at CUREFIPOCEANIA.COM are never boring. Today, a distressed FIP cat owner messaged us to know why we have not sent her the vials she ordered. After some inquires all of us were shocked! She has been mislead, and we have been copied. Here are some screenshots of a website that came to our awareness today by the name of

The owners of this website copied the tagline from our website version 1.0 'FIP is no longer a death sentence'.

They also copied our FAQ and the product pages. But just like fake clothes and bags, I think you will agree the quality of their work is rather uninspiring.

This website claims that it is connected with FIP Warriors. It also claims that it has saved 5000+ cats. Some FIP Warriors admins in the past have been consistent in attacking us, making unsubstantiated claims to debase CUREFIPOCEANIA.COM. So why do these people who claim they are connected to FIP Warriors made a website to copy us?

We are quite flattered that someone think so highly of us. It is an affirmation that we have achieved a level of respect and desirability within the FIP treatment community, that even those connected to FIP Warriors group while opening affront us, privately aspire to emulate us. Yet, we must condemn's method of schwarzfahren on our efforts to save cat's lives by unethically profit from unknowing cat owners.

Now I will reveal to you how the cat owner found the real CUREFIPOCEANIA.COM. Take a look at this page from []

The word 'here' links to the real CUREFIPOCEANIA.COM contact us page. So...they scam people, then leave it to us to clean up the mess.

Here is the WeChat account of the person(s) behind this silly website. While the website claim it is from Shanghai, the account shows it is based in Nanjing.

That's sums up our investigation of For everyone who is readying this, please remember that we only have one website: CUREFIPOCEANIA.COM.

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