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NEW GS-441524 FORMULATION: 55% more FIP treatment per vial!

Updated: Jan 18


  1. To prevent avoidable deaths caused by under-dosage associated with 15mg/ml formulation, especially in non-effusive Dry FIP cases, when the gravity of the FIP infection is difficult to evaluate.

  2. To reduce relapses caused by prolonged under-dosage during a 12 week treatment.

  3. To combat neurological FIP cases that require stronger dosage to arrest aggressive viral replication in the central nervous system.

  4. To reduce the pain of injections in larger cats, when a greater amount of GS is needed.

  5. To make FIP treatment more affordable to a greater number of cat owners.


For the past 2 months has been working with 12 cats in 6 countries to test the efficacy of our new formulation. These 12 cats covering male and female. Their conditions include 4 wet , 2 dry , 2 ocular, 3 neurological and 1 relapse. 11 of the 12 cats treated, 11 are currently healthy and nearing the end of the treatment, including 1 cat who gave birth to 4 kittens while on our new formulation. 1 cat passed away due to jaundice of the liver shortly after the start of the treatment. For a detailed summary of our study, please click here.

WHAT IS GS-441524?

The new formula of GS-441524 has a higher concentration of 15 mg/ml and 20mg/ml, and a content ≥7ml. After reviewing treatments of hundreds of cats from around the world, we have concluded that the current offering of 15mg/ml concentration is not ideal. Cats with neurological symptoms require higher dosage, thus larger volume of GS per injection. Heavier cats also require a great amount of injection everyday, which is painful for the cats and for the owner’s bank account. Higher concentration reduces the volume per injection, reducing struggling during injection. Learn more about our GS-441524 here.

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