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Cure FIP™ Capsules vs Mutian™ Pills - Which is the Better FIP Treatment?"

Updated: Jan 18

Cat owners frequently inquire about the differences between Cure FIP™ and Mutian™ oral pills for FIP treatment and which one is more effective. This article compares the two brands based on ease of use, the probability of user errors, and the approaches used to create their FIP oral medications. Ultimately, cat owners can decide which brand suits their cat's FIP treatment needs best.

In terms of ease of use, Cure FIP™ capsules are the clear winner when compared to Mutian pills. This is because cat owners only need to select capsules that correspond to their cat's weight class, and there are only three weight classes available. Additionally, the capsules are color-coded to prevent potential confusion. There is no need for calculations, and only one capsule per day is necessary.

On the other hand, Mutian pills come in 50, 100, or 200 mg pills. Cat owners must calculate the dosage based on their cat's weight and FIP symptoms, and larger cats may require multiple pills per day to achieve the proper dosage.

Cure FIP™ capsules have another advantage as they are easier to administer than Mutian pills, as cats have a natural instinct to regurgitate food they don't like. Capsules are more difficult to regurgitate than pills due to their smooth exterior. Cure FIP™ capsules can also be opened and mixed with cat food or treats for a more pleasant treatment experience. If you have cats with a strong instinct to regurgitate, Cure FIP™ capsules are a better option than Mutian™ pills.

GS-441524, a nucleoside analogue, effectively stops FIP virus replication without documented side effects. Administering more than necessary has little danger, but insufficient dosages may result in prolonged treatment and higher relapse rates.

Injections offer precise and easily controlled dosages of GS-441524 directly into the body, while oral forms have to travel through an inflamed or infected digestive system, resulting in lower absorption rates. In healthy cats, oral absorption is ~50%, but in FIP cats, absorption rates vary and depend on symptom severity. Therefore, administering higher dosages is necessary when using FIP oral medications to counterbalance absorption issues.

When comparing Cure FIP™ oral capsules to Mutian™ pills, Cure FIP™ provides higher amounts of GS-441524 to offset absorption issues, while Mutian™ requires cat owners to calculate the absorption issue themselves, leading to more opportunities for dosing errors.

Overall, Cure FIP™ oral capsules are a better treatment choice from an efficacy standpoint compared to Mutian™ pills.

In creating oral medicines for FIP treatment, Cure FIP™ and Mutian™ took different approaches. Mutian™ aimed to replicate FIP injections in an oral form, with each pill containing either 50, 100 or 200 milligrams of GS-441524. Cat owners and veterinarians are responsible for calculating and administering the correct dosage, accounting for absorption issues, and using multiple pills when the required dosage exceeds the amount in each pill. On the other hand, Cure FIP™ took a unique approach by redesigning their capsules based on 3 weight classes, providing users with a straightforward solution of one capsule per day that eliminates the need for calculations, reduces wastage, and greatly minimizes the risk of errors.

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