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A Journey Few Have Taken...

Updated: Jan 18

We ( have written many articles about the treatment of Feline Infectious Peritonitis (FIP) treatment. Today, we want to share the emotional journeys that cat owners took, and some surprising lessons about the human spirit during this journey.

In the year 2020, several years after the ground-breaking clinical study by a group of researchers from University of California Davis demonstrated unequivocally the effectiveness of GS-441524 in the treatment of Feline Infectious Peritonitis (FIP) in cats, few veterinarians are willing to openly talk to cat owners about it. Some veterinarians don't talk about it because they are simply not aware of the study or the treatment. Some veterinarians know about the treatment, but don't know that GS-441524 is available for purchase. Still, there are many veterinarians who are afraid to talk about GS-44124 because prescribing an experimental treatment may put their professional licenses and their businesses in jeopardy.

Despite this lack of transparency, many brave and determined cat owners have found us ( through Facebook and Google, and decided to offer their cats a fighting chance at life. In the past 10 months, their efforts and ours have helped save almost a thousand cats from around the world. In turn, numerous cat owners have graciously shared their stories with us publicly through social media posts, and privately via personal messages. In this article, we will share with you some of the most impressionable lessons from their stories.

FIP in Cat

It begins with fear and ends with a deeper connection. When most owners receive the diagnosis of a FIP infection, their first reaction is fear and then pain. We don't realise how emotionally depended and connected we are to our furry friends until we are confronted with the possibility of loosing them. (Feline Infectious Peritonitis can develop at any age, but cats between 6 mo. to 2 years old are particularly susceptible to this deadly infection.)

For those who questions their doctor's pronouncement that there is no treatment, and do their own research, they quickly learn from multiple internet sources that there is in fact an effective treatment validated by clinical trial and real world cases. And that treatment (GS-441524) can be purchased via the internet from various resellers in China, Europe, USA, and many other countries. From there, fear and pain morph into hope. Many owners quickly become FIP subject experts by digging ever deeper in the internet for information, and connecting with other cat owners who are either going through the treatment process or have completed the treatment.

From there, many owners cast their doubts aside and take a leap of faith by purchasing the treatment [hopefully from reliable suppliers, like us :-)]. If they have done this early and fast enough, quickly they begin to see improvements in their cats. Because GS is a daily treatment, owners pay more attention to their cats than ever before. Every improvement or regression, every abnormal behaviour is mentally recorded and often shared with their trusted advisors.

By the end of the treatment, many owners become experts in FIP, in liver and kidney health, and in feline dietary particularities. As their cats regain health and strength, and become playful and affectionate again, these owners appreciate and become acutely aware of the companionship and the time that they shared together. Thus, the relationship becomes deeper and richer through trials and tribulations. It is a beautiful journey that is representative of every meaningful relationships we share in life.

Empowerment and Responsibility. In a world flooded with misinformation and contrary opinions, truth often can only be gained by taking risks and doing one's own research. This is not to belittle veterinarians who have studied and worked diligently in their profession. Rather, it is a testament of just how impossible it is to know everything accurately and remain always updated on the latest medical developments.

For cat owners who don't take the prognosis that FIP is untreatable as an immutable law, instead do their own research, they are rewarded with the unimaginable, to treat a disease that their doctors didn't know was treatable, to heal their cat when doctors would often only recommend antibiotics, steroid, blood transfusions, interferon and eventually euthanasia.

Many cat owners report to us that after the FIP treatments, they feel more empowered as individuals, that the internet is a wonderful way to share knowledge, and that they are more open-minded toward to trying new ideas and things. In other words, the FIP experience expanded them as individuals.

A reflection of many other journeys in life. I read once that all relationships are mirrors. Through them we learn more about ourselves than about others. The journey to treat FIP requires a person to overcome many obstacles. To overcome these obstacles a cat's owners have to be extremely committed to the mission of rescuing his/her cat. He has to be brave enough to question the knowledge of certified authorities, has to be committed to finding answers no matter where they may lie. He has to be committed to take risks and venture down the untrodden path. And everyday, for 84 days, he has to commit significant money and time to ensure that a sufficient dose of GS-441524 is given to the cat so that it has the best chance of full recovery. At the end of this journey there is no guarantee.

Doesn't this sound like any meaningful endeavours we choose to undertake in life? When we set out on Day 1 to reach our personal goals, we don't exactly know the 'when', 'where 'and 'how', or whether we will achieve the goals at the end of the journey. Along the way we make sacrifices, experience setbacks, triumphs and defeats. C'est la vie. We fight the fight, and let the chips fall where they may.

Thus far, we have walked a fantastic journey along side of fellow cat owners from around the world. We have learned enormously about how to treat FIP using GS-441524. We have learned just as much about the human heart, and the uncertain journeys we bravely undertake to realise our dreams.

To read some of their stories and connect with other owners who have battled with FIP in cats, join our Facebook group or Instagram

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