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5 Reasons Why You Should Get FIP treatment from

Updated: Jan 18

1 Fast Shipping

No matter where you are in the world, get feline infectious peritonitis treatment from in 1-3 days. We have warehouses in 4 continents, and we ALWAYS ship using the fastest shipping service possible.

2 Buying GS directly from is EASY, FAST, SECURE. We accept the following payment methods:

No middleman, no agents, no false promises. You always get the authentic and freshest production batch of FIP treatment.

3 Full refund on unopened unused vials

We make FIP treatment risk free for cat owners. Not sure if your cat has FIP? Not sure how much of the treatment you need? Order what you want. Return any unopened/unused feline infectious peritonitis treatment back to us for full refund. Read: Return and Refund Policy.

4 Professional FIP treatment advice through:

5 Financial support

Short on funds? Join our Cure FIP™ Donate program. We contribute to your FIP treatment effort by donating 1 vial of GS-441524 for every vial you purchase. Cure FIP™ Donate program make GS-441524 and feline infectious peritonitis treatment more accessible to cat owners.

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