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3 forms of GS-441524, which one should you choose?

Updated: Jan 18

There are currently 3 types of GS-441524 on the market today. The 1st type is in powder form. GS-441524 in this form can not be used for treatment. The 2nd type is in liquid form. This type of GS is treatment ready. Not all liquid GS-441524 are created equal. The quality depends greatly on the manufacturer's production process and quality of chemical used. We will speak more in details below. The 3rd type of GS-441524 is the pill form. This type of GS is administered orally. Currently, the clinical effectiveness of oral form of GS is a subject of great debates amongst cat owners and veterinarians.

In this article, we will discuss the difference between these 3 forms of GS-441524, and how to choose the right one for your cat's FIP treatment.

The Powder Form

GS-441524 in powder form is pure chemical. Unless you are a pharmaceutical manufacturer, this type of GS is useless to you. We have encountered several cat owners who have purchased this type of GS, then contacted us to ask how to use it. So let us state again: You can not use powder GS-441524 to treat FIP in cats. Pharmaceutical companies use the pure chemical powder for research and to formulate treatment ready products in liquid or solid form.

Not all GS powders are created equal. Purity determines its quality. We have seen purity ranging from the low 80s to as high as 99.7% in laboratory tests. Good GS-manufacturers choose high purity (ideally above 97%), more expensive GS powder as the starting point of their formulation.

The Liquid Form

The liquid form of GS-441524 is treatment ready. It has been formulated by pharmaceutical manufacturers with additional chemicals for absorption by the body. In clinical treatments, cats respond best using this type of GS. Therefore, this is the only type of GS product we recommend to doctors and cat owners for the treatment of FIP in cats.

There is one drawback to using the liquid form of needs to be injected daily. After a few weeks, some cats will recognise the syringe and the person giving the injections, and will struggle to avoid injections. Check out our video on how to avoid struggling while giving injections. Notwithstanding this drawback, the liquid GS is the single best available treatment option for FIP in cats.

Each manufacturer formulate GS-441524 differently. It is important to get to know the brand you are using, who recommends it, and how it is sold. We recommend buying directly from the brand whenever possible, not through anonymous resellers. At a minimum, you should verify with the brand if the reseller you are purchasing from is an authorised distributor. We have seen inconsistency in the quality of GS-441524 being offered on the market, sometimes with lower concentration than the brands claimed on their packaging. We have heard doctors telling us of inconsistent appearance of liquid viscosity. This could have been caused by resellers tampering with the product such as diluting the original formula to create more volume.

The Pill Form

Currently, there are several brands that offers GS-441524 in the pill form. The pill form of GS reduces the inconvenience of daily injections, but it creates serious shortcomings that users should be aware of before purchasing.

  1. ABSORPTION: GS in the pill form has to travel the digestive system before being absorbed by the body. Cats suffering from FIP often have weakened digestive organs including stomach, kidneys and liver. Thus, how much of the GS can be absorbed from the pills is unknown, and can differs greatly depending on the condition of the cat. The pill form is thus an unpredictable and unreliable way of delivering the necessary amount of GS to cat's body for FIP treatment.

  2. SPEED: Unlike injections which are immediate, pills take time for the body to breakdown and absorb. Each passing hour can be the difference between life and death when cats are in the late stages of FIP infection. Using the oral pills is a riskier treatment option compared to injections.

  3. CONTROL: FIP Treatment is not an exact science. Treatments need to be customised based on cat's specific condition and its response to a given amount of GS-441524. Some cats require more, others require less. Unlike the liquid form, by which a doctor can easily and precisely control the quantity of GS given to the cat, the pill form is fixed at 9mg interval. This makes individualised treatments very difficult, if not nearly impossible.

Considering these 3 factors, we believe that the current offering of oral pills is not the most advantageous way of treating FIP in cats. It could be used as a preventive method, reducing the chance of relapse in already treated cats.

There is a lack of published studies on the effectiveness of the pill form of GS-441524. Of the doctors we have interviewed and collaborated with, those with ample FIP treatment experience unanimously prefer liquid injections over pills. Until more treatment data are published from reliable sources on the effectiveness of the pill form of GS, we do not recommend using the pill form to treat FIP in cats.

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