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Sasha's Fip relapse

Chris Long


12 Jan 2023

A few words from the Fundraiser

I am raising funds for life-saving treatment for 8 months old British Shorthair kitten, Sasha. Sasha is suffering from a fatal disease, Feline Infectious Peritonitis (FIP), which, without treatment for this Sasha, only has a few weeks to live. Any support would literally save her life!

Sasha was bought from a registered breeder in September 2022 with a contract stating she was a healthy kitten. However, a week before she was collected, the breeder had taken Sasha to the Vet with symptoms of FIP. This information was withheld until months down the line when the insurance company requested Sasha's entire medical history. Upon receipt, the insurance company classed this as a pre existing medical condition and the insurance was void. Sashas parents proceeded with the full 84 day treatment to which Sasha responded amazingly and was seemingly cured. The treatment came to a cost of approximately £6500 which was paid by Sashas parents.

On Christmas Day 2022, Sasha took ill, resulting in surgery to remove a suspected foreign body. On examination, no foreign body was found. Blood tests and biopsies were taken. However, due to the Christmas period, the labs were closed, resulting in a two and a half week delay for the results.

Throughout the two weeks, the vets prescribed treatment requiring 24-hour care. The treatment consisted of her owners having to tube feed Sasha and steroid treatment for suspected inflammarory bowel disease. This treatment alone resulted in a vet bill of £2,560. On 08.01.2023, unfortunately, Sasha's tube came out (the stitches were attached to a scab from the surgery, which over time had grown loose). This resulted in Sasha requiring emergency treatment to reinsert the tube at an additional £565.

Prior to taking unwell, Sasha was an active kitten. She is extremely loving and a very sociable kitten who has the opportunity to live a full and healthy life upon successful treatment. Sasha isn't ready to leave this world yet.

Following the christmas period and the return of the blood results, Sasha was diagnosed with FIP. Previously incurrable, there is now medication for this horrible illness. The treatment consists of a minimum of 84 days treatment in the form of tablets. However, this comes at an additional cost of approximately £7,000.

Sasha's owners have pet insurance in place. However, on this occasion, the insurance has declined to payout for this treatment despite appealing this.

For Sasha's owners, an additional £7,000 is unaffordable. Therefore, I am asking for help on their behalf towards this cost, in the hope that it can save Sasha's life.

I am launching this GoFundMe on behalf of Sasha's owners as they feel guilty asking for financial help. They have done so much to support and rehabilitate this little kitten. It would be heartbreaking to lose such a loving kitten at such a young age to this terrible disease.

Thank you so much for any support you are able and willing to give to help save little Sasha's life.

She's not good. Still recovering from surgery last night. But for the first time today she's just moved and the first time since Christmas come to cuddle into me so I'm enjoying that xx

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