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Mohd Ahmed

Mohd Ahmed


17 Jan 2023

A few words from the Fundraiser

to who may concern

my name Mohd

my story is 3 days ago I was driving back home when I parked near my house. i heard sound of cat meowing walking ge closer to me I picked him up and brought him inside my house I was afraid if he was sick cuz very young and skinny too

we already have 6 cats in my home .

so I iput him alone in different room gave him food drink and cover him with blanket cuz seems Ben few days outside god know what happened to him it breaks my heart

next day I took him to vet and he did check up and blood test for

the cat .

he told me that hes sick

and name of sickness called FIP Dry Ferm and its banned in my country Bahrain . only in emirates UAE can be provided and can deliver to bahrai, he told me it

very hard to cure him and he told me abt ur website that can help

i checked your website you have the medacin it's expensive for me I can't afford it it's around 1000 $ dollar

it's breaks my heart seeing him like this please I need your help he's only 4 months old and wheigh 1 kilograms please help me.

thank you this is my email

my number 0097336636617

you can contact me any time and I have Whatsap app same number you can send me anytime

please help me

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