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Love for lilly

Selena Galazka


26 Oct 2022

A few words from the Fundraiser

Lilly was born to a feral mum in the family car garage in the boot of an old car. We looked after mum and the kittens and rehomed the 6 kittens as soon as they were weaned and strong. We took Lilly home as she was the smallest and we wanted to give her the best life.
She has always been petite and so we joked that she was the Kylie Minogue of the cat world😻
She has always been in good health until now at 8 years old.
Around 5 weeks ago she seemed to have trouble breathing and seemed listless with a fever. Vet initially treated for an upper respiratory infection with antibiotics but with no improvement. Several more visits to vet revealed she had fluid build up in her chest cavity and had 120ml drained out.
They sent the fluid away for testing to find out the reason for the illness and devastatingly it came back positive for FIP.
We were heartbroken as vet had warned us that if it was FIP it is fatal. This is when we found curefip in a desperate search for anything that could save her.
Added to this she then had to be treated for a worm infection and then she developed an abcess on her side. They tried to drain with a needle but it got bigger so another trip to vet and she needed a further procedure to lance it and have a drain fitted.
She has been injected, force fed tablets, drains of fluid from her chest, her side, worms...countless injections and she is coping so well.
She is our little warrior and of course we will do anything to save her.
As you will all know the treatment comes at a cost and already we have spent hundreds and hundreds of pounds. So far we have also purchased 4 weeks worth of the Curefip tablets.
We would hugely appreciate any help donated to help us continue Lillys treatment.
Of course we will return the favour as soon as we are able to do so.
Thinking of all other fur babies out there and their guardians going through this terrible ordeal.
All our thoughts and best wishes
Lillys mum and dad
Selena and Stephen 💕

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