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loki the fip warrior

olegas groševas


3 Aug 2023

A few words from the Fundraiser

Loki was rescued from an illegal pet trader. We took him in from a place with unsanitary conditions, unhealthy environment and excess of animals. However, after a nice bath, necessary shots and vet checks kitty was playful and looked healthy.

After about a month Loki became apathetic and lost his appetite. Vet noticed his belly was slightly bloated, they pulled out yellowish murky fluids with the siringe and said 99% chance it's FIP. They told us that this is due to FCOV mutation we brought from the cattery, and that to their knowledge this disease is uncurable - kitty has only a couple of weeks left to live. Our family was devasted. We refused to give up on our little warrior and couldn't just leave him to die. We searched for a cure desperately and almost always were met with the same answers: that there's some sketchy medications in development which will cost thousands of euros and have very little chances of success, that it's a lot kinder to have the animal put down.

Finally, we found a reputable vet who pointed us towards, they said they have seen first hand miracles happen with this cure. We ordered first two vials immediately. By the time we started to administer the cure Loki's persitalsis has stopped completely. Allthough currently Loki is still hospitalized, after just three days of treatment his little body showed a great response to the cure! He is regaining weight and there is only little excess fluids left. He still is struggling with anaemia, fluctuating fever, is on antibiotic and two different other medications, so there's still long road ahead of us.

All the medical bills from the clinic and the treatment itself are extremely taxing, so please help us in our fight. Loki is just a four months old kitty and has already suffered so so much... Please support us

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