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Lend a paw

Lexi Olsson


14 Jul 2023

A few words from the Fundraiser



This is our sweet boy named Chibi. He's around 2 years old.

A few weeks ago, we noticed his belly was getting swollen, he started to eat less and lost weight, and he had trouble walking as he got weaker.

We took him to the vet and Chibi was diagnosed with wet FIP late in June this year.

Neither me or my partner, Johan, had never even heard about FIP before this day. The vet recommended us to put Chibi to sleep that gloomy morning. Not because of the sickness, but you see, Chibi is very difficult to handle and he can't be touched without being sedated.


Me and Johan first met Chibi at a Cat Shelter late in April this year.

He was the most traumatized cat I had ever seen. The shelter told us he had been found a few months earlier wandering the streets, looking for food in a garbage room in a residential area where he was not welcomed and it was obvious that his trust in humans were broken beyond words.

No one could ever touch him during his months at the shelter. He was shaking with fear every time someone would enter his enclosure, and he would hiss, spit and claw anyone that would come too near.

But as I left the cat shelter, I could not get this terrified little guy out of my head. We decided to foster him, and a few weeks later he came home. We had a rough few weeks, but after a month, we were finally able to pet him.


Everything was going great, he was starting to trust us more by each day and he was turning into a little cuddle bug, but then he got sick and now we're fighting for his life.

We adopted Chibi 2 hours after he was diagnosed and we immediately made the decision to fight this horrible disease.

We did not agree with the vet who told us that euthanasia would be an option.. Even if he's hard to handle, his life is still worth saving and we would do everyting we can for him.


However, the medicine is so very expensive along with the veterinary costs, and that is why I'm starting a fundraiser. I'm hoping that Chibis story may find someone whose heart was touched, and we would be so thankful if you would be able to lend us a paw and help us fight for Chibi to make a recovery.


Thank you so much!


All the best,

Chibi, Lexi and Johan.

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