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His Fip fight

Vasiliki Mani


20 Feb 2023

A few words from the Fundraiser

Myxas is one of the many stray cats I care for, two of whom have been diagnosed with FIP. I cannot bear the idea of not giving him a fighting chance, his blood work is ok, he purrs seeking love and tries to eat but your help is needed to save him.

He was a feral stray who got neutered as part of the TNR team in Nicosia. He was abused and even shot while living on the streets with the bullet still lodged on his right femur. Yet he slowly let me earn his trust and love him. Past month I moved him indoors for his treatment thinking we were only fighting the flu, got him on an IV, did blood work and gave him antibiotics. On day 15 he started eating so I let him roll on the grass and enjoy the little sunshine he hadn't seen in days. Just few days later and his health deteriorated rapidly so we went for blood tests, chest xray and the liquid taken from his abdomen confirmed wet FIP.

Please help me save his life.

He deserves more than the hell he has seen so far.

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