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HELP Mighty Marigold Beat FIP

Ashley Mikel


21 Feb 2023

A few words from the Fundraiser

Hi. My name is Ashley and my sweet kitty Marigold (aka Mighty Marigold) is fighting Feline Infectious Peritonitis (FIP).

Until recently FIP was a death sentence, but now there is a cure. It is however pricey. I've covered 70% of Marigold's medical expenses leading up to her diagnosis and the first 14 days of treatment, with 70 days to cover.


We humbly ask for your help in covering the remaining cost of the lifesaving medication and supportive therapy (an estimated cost of $3000).


Why should we try to save Marigold?


She's not yet 2 years old and had a rough start in life before I rescued her in March 2022. She came from a horrible hoarding situation and now has a loving healthy home. Sadly she most likely contracted the virus that triggered the FIP before rescue and has slowly declined in health since her adoption.


We reached a crisis point last week and started FIP treatment. After 7 days of injections, Marigold is gaining weight and we're hopeful she continues to heal.


Despite her tough start, she's a bright light and gives much love and happiness to me, her sister Dandelion and all she meets. She's so deserving of a chance at life!


Please help us on her healing journey.


Any amount helps.


Thank you,

Mighty Marigold and Ashley

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