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help cini beat fip

victoria mason


6 May 2022

A few words from the Fundraiser

Arancini's story.


Arancini, or Cini as she is affectionately known, was sadly diagnosed with dry neurological FIP on 20th April this year. Cini is a beautiful little foster kitten in the Deedlebug Cat Rescue family. Cini came into our care on New Years Eve at just one week old. Cini was doing well, but wasn't growing as fast as she should be, and wasn't as active as the other kittens in her foster home, which had her foster mum a little concerned.


On about the 10th of April Cini came down with a cold and looked miserable. After a trip to the vet she was given an antibiotic shot. By the 15th she still hadn't improved, and that's when the FIP symptoms started to become more apparent to her foster mum. She was struggling to retract her claws, was extremely lethargic and began to wobble when she walked. Over the next couple of days she got a head tilt and struggled to hold her head in an upright position. Her walking deteriorated and she'd fall when trying to sit up. It all happened incredibly quickly :(


Cini's foster mum had, sadly, seen this before in other foster kittens. Even though she hoped she was wrong, she dreaded that those words she didn't want to hear were coming - Dry Neurological FIP. Unfortunately, our vet confirmed our worst fears - Cini was indeed fighting Dry Neuro FIP. This was a massive blow to us, as Deedlebug is only a small rescue and funds are very limited. However Deedlebug is determined to help this little Angel fight this horrible disease and we will do whatever we can to try to save her life. It will be a huge financial struggle for us as a small rescue, though, especially as the FIP is neurological and needs to be treated at a higher dose.


In some fantastic news - after just 2 short days of treatment, Cini is now walking again, can hold her head up and has even started playing with her foster brothers and sisters. We are determined to get this little girl through this so when she is all better, she can find her forever home and live a long and happy life. If you can help us to cover Cini's continuing treatment, with even a small donation, Deedlebug Cat Rescue and Cini will be forever grateful!

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