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Akbar Fauzi


24 Jun 2023

A few words from the Fundraiser

Hello everyone. I'm Midori (female cat), I just diagnosed with wet FIP, that cause me bloated abdomen, I lost my appetite, and I also difficulty to pee.

Before I met my parents now, I live outside, and a man took me and put me in the cage, I didn't know where he took me, but after I realized, there were so many animals there, that's was animal market.

The place so crowded, so smelly, and I don't think the animals there was healthy.

The man who took me, sold me there. One medium cage, he put five cat inside include me.

One couple who just bought some cats food, saw me from the distance. The man who now become my parents talked to the man who took me, I didn't know what their talking about, but after that the man and his wife who now become my parents took me to his home.

There I met my step brother, his name (Arduino), and also his wife. They are so kind and welcome to me, they gave me everything that they can give to me and my brother.

Around half year I live happy with them, but my brother got infected by FIP virus, he got bloated abdomen, and his lung full of liquid, it was too late for my parents to notice, because my brother never complained about anything not like me. My brother died after 3 days infected and my parents did everything they can, I saw them crying in silence, and I promise to myself that I will make my parents happy again.

And it's not easy as I say, after 2 month my brother died, I got infected with the same virus.

I saw my parents so desperate to hear that. If there is something I can do to cheer them, I will do.

I need to be strong, I need to stay healthy so that my parents will happy.

Due to doctor reference, I need at least 11 vials to treatment, I want to help my parents to pay my medication




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