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Esther.... already come through so much

Rachel Evans


15 Nov 2023

A few words from the Fundraiser

Esther was rescued from a Colony close to Ayia Napa when she was just 4 months old.


She was painfully thin and in overall poor condition.


She was taken to the vets to see what had caused her to be in such a bad way.


It was discovered that she still had her baby teeth and her permanent teeth were trying to come through causing massive discomfort.


She had the teeth removed and seemed to improve. However, she started to lose clots of blood from her mouth. The cause was a virus.


Again she was treated and returned to her foster.


However, again Esther continued to be unwell. She lost her sight and became wobbly on her feet.


She was returned to the vet and sadly we found the virus had triggered Neurological FIP.


Luckily we have a small supply of tablets to start her and she is already starting to improve.


However, we want to continue. She is a loving, yet timid little girl and she deserves a future in a loving home.








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