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Elvira Skliarova


19 Apr 2023

A few words from the Fundraiser

Hello! My name is Elvira and I am a refugee from Ukraine🇺🇦. I recently had to leave my home country because of the war. I went to Cyprus, taking with me a small bag of clothes and my cat Cartman.


The journey was very difficult, in total, we had to spend several days on the road before we could fly here. After half a year, the cat rehabilitated his psyche a little, stopped hiding from every sound ...


Together with him we are trying to start a new life in Cyprus, but a few days ago a terrible diagnosis of FIP came into our lives ...


It all started with the fact that the cat completely stopped eating, for several days there was no activity, he was lying all the time and it was necessary to urgently take him to the hospital ... After the diagnosis, taking a blood test, we were diagnosed with FIP ...


They said that my Cartman has every chance of life if he is treated for 84 days with GS44.🙏🏻

The medicine is very expensive, the full course is more than two thousand euros, which is a lot for me. Therefore, I need donations to cover at least part of the cost of treatment! I hope very much for your help!

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