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DRUŠTVO ZA LEPŠE MAČJE ŽIVLJENJE VOJNIK, Petelinškova 9, 3212 Vojnik, Slovenia -EU

Sasa Mlakar


26 Jun 2022

A few words from the Fundraiser

Dear Sir /Madam

I am turning to you because I was advised to find someone who can help me with donations for my kitten from Cat House Veterinary (Veterina MH Ljubljana, Slovenia (EU)), where my 4th year-old kitten Leni Jr. was currently established, he has Wet FIP and I never heard for the disease. This is the first time and they told me that it was a Covid who mutated, and my Leni would die without help of medication which are for me way too expensive. For this treatment I would need at least 2.500 to 3.000 eur it depends on the treatment and weight of the cat.

The kitten has had a high fever of 39/40 for 14 days but anyhow Vet told me that Leni is still in good condition so far and capable of treatment with a lot of success. The Vet lend me some medicine and I will have to give them back, but it was for the start, because Leni has high chances of survival although he lost around 2 kg, he still weighs 4,230 kg.

As I described so far, I got medicine from Vet and another person. But I have to give them back. I must apply injections to him myself. Yesterday I gave him the third medication (Lucky, and I have 6 more bottles of Fenh). But I would love to change to tablets, because Leni has atypical dermatitis and it is really hard for him, even harder den regular. But after the medication he is doing great.

THE MAIN PROBLEM – is that I don’t have enough money to trite him for 84 days and even more so if I want to transfer to your tablets (blue for over 4 kg).

So, unfortunately, I am not able to pay this cost myself. I am already borrowing from my underage daughter’s savings :-( for the Vet where is all the treatment.

Let me explain my situation:

I am a single mother who run out from a violent relationship with a young daughter and now I have a high mortgage loan of 840 euros per month for our home to have roof over our heads and I have no one to help me.

I am hardworking but I am also a person with a physical disability and exactly a year ago I had my last 33rd leg surgery. I barely survived the previous world recession and now I am afraid of the new one. With the fact that I do have salary it's not enough it all goes for the mortgage loan, costs and barely for food and daughter (she also trains jazz dance ang every year goes on nationals and EU competition and World competition) and food for the kitten and protective equipment for both kittens (the other 14 years old is Jerry and also in excellent condition), namely I took two kittens given away by farmers because they had too many of them vaccinated and neutered.

This is really too much money for me, to many expenses, I can't afford this treatment. To make matters worse I had the flood in my apartment from above therefore I will need a ceiling renovation, however, they will change the ceiling now in the next week in the apartment.

I am totally lost and feeling helpless.

Leni Jr. is a beautiful kitten, lively and he loves it very much. Both of my kittens are cuddly (the second one is Jerry) and very loving. So, I really wish that Leni would not say goodbye even if I had to give him away, just to get well because he is really gorgeous and a real beauty and he deserves to live many more beautiful cat years.

As I write this I am still quite in shock and tears are pouring down my cheeks and I may be forgetting something. I will be happy to answer all your questions: Please help if you can so I can reis money.

I have had kittens my whole life, I took good care of them, and I still take care of them, and this is the first time something like this has happened to me.

I thank you in advance. I am also attaching a picture of Lenny and that I am a person with a physical disability, that you will see that I am not lying and that I therefore suffer even more with Leni as I myself spent more than 8 years together in hospital after an accident and I endured, so I know I would even Leni endured because he is a strong boy.

So far one of the Association helped me, but far from enough. Therefore, I would love you to help me with Fundraise at your site to collect as much as I can to provide medication for my Leni.

Association data, I had so far collected for these 6 bottles I wrote earlier, and this are their data:


Petelinskova 9,

3212 Vojnik,

EU - Slovenia

Reference number: 4121929000

IBAN: SI56 0400 1004 8662 076

reference 99

purpose mandatory - for cat Leni


Bank address: Nova KBM, Ulica Vita Kraigherja 4, SI-2000 Maribor, SLOVENIA – EU

If you have problems with online banking, you can send your contribution to the address of the association or contact us:

E-mail: (she/her) Suzana Suholeznik


GSM: +386 (0) 41 520 714

Thank you all for your contributions, even if you donate 1 euro, this one will definitely help.

Kind regards and thank you all for your good hearts!

My data:

(she/her) Sasa Mlakar (owner of Leni)

Ulica Hermana Potocnika 21,

1000 Ljubljana,

EU – Slovenia


GSM: +386 (0) 41 745 113

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